Back into Lockdown we go

Well we started 2021 off well with a return to almost normality, for a while.

Our first event for the year in January was a walk around workshop in Daylesford. The weather was really beautiful and it was great to see our CHiPAs back together again. We had a picnic, wandered around Jubillee lake, then went up to Lake Daylesford for sunset. It was a lovely day out!

Our return to in-person workshops in February at the Gordon Hall was a great event, many members turned out to photograph the local wildlife presented by the Rookeeper.

It was great to catch up with everyone again! There were so many photos taken and it was worth the wait!

Thanks again to Michael for bringing such beautiful native creatures to bring us back together.

In March we went for a day out to Ferntree Falls and Langi Ghiran Park. The weather definitely was challenging with a constant heavy drizzle to begin with at the falls, but we carefully walked in and were happy with our shots. We were not so happy to have a couple of leeches hitchhike on us for a ride! An early lunch in the small hut was welcome while the rain continued outside.

Once we got out to Langi Ghiran park, the weather eased off and we had an enjoyable walk along a rocky trail to the old bluestone dam.

Aside from the rain, those that braved the day were happy to have done so.

Our March workshop was photographing all things liquid! It can definitely be tricky to try and catch a drop or a bubble in midair, but we had fun trying!

In April we tried some Product Photography setting up some items for display for sale or even insurance purposes. Another great night was had by all!

In may we had our CHiPA campout up at Hall gap. It was a full on photography weekend starting for sunrise (which involved breaking up what we could of a tree on the road to get to the Boroka Lookout), then for sunset at Reeds Lookout as well.

During the day we wandered around Halls Gap finding plenty of wildlife and scenery.

We had a nice meal together at the Tavern before we went out to try our luck with the stars, but it was cloudy, so we had fun with light painting instead.

We also visited Silverband Falls and Splitters Falls finding some beautiful rocks and fungi along the way. We also walked to the Grand Canyon and the Balconies.

Of course there was also the Halls Gap Zoo where so many wonderful photos were taken!

Unfortunately that is where our CHiPA adventures came to a halt, the day before our May workshop, lockdown was reintroduced and we were unable to hold the event.

Thankfully Julie Powell and Sue Masterson were able to reschedule the May Models and Posing workshop to Friday the 27th August at the Gordon Hall and we are really looking forward to this event.

Also (all being well Lockdown wise) our next workshop on Friday 25th June has guest presenter Craig Watson discussing Street and Photojournalism Photography. His experiences over many years of photography should be really enlightening and provide some great information to members.

We hope to see you there!

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